Make the Most of Your Time at Home

Make the Most of Your Time at Home

During this challenging time, when all of us are encouraged to stay at home, we have an incredible opportunity to dedicate plenty of time to various undertakings that have been on our “to do” list for quite a while. Some of us have now a chance to spend quality time with the family, or read that book recommended by a friend, or master our culinary abilities, or develop and enhance some skills, or learn a language and the list goes on.
Most likely, all of us will agree that now is a perfect time for taking care of our homes and gardens that have recently become our true shelter. Some of the structures will need a repair after the wet winter we had due to water ingress and possible development of damp spots. Also, we are eager to dedicate the time to our gardens and prepare for the BBQ season.

For this reason, we have prepared a short information article on the solutions that you might consider for your home while taking advantage of the good weather and plenty of spare time.

Water presents the biggest hazard for any substrate whether it is concrete, natural stone, brick, timber, or clay. It creates harmful health risks and aesthetic issues with the growth of mould and mildew. Also, water leads to deterioration of the substrate itself (for example, rotting timber). In case of concrete, water also acts as a carrier for salts and chlorides that lead to steel reinforcement in concrete to be damaged resulting in concrete deterioration and cracking.

Proprietary water repellents are a suitable and effective solution for the scenarios described above. Water repellents are not pore blockers, they penetrate the substrate and line the pores, repelling harmful water or moisture, whilst still allowing the substrate to breathe.

Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream

Can be applied on brick, mortar, concrete, and sandstone

  • Stops rain penetration
  • Saves energy as reduces heat loss
  • Improves flood resistance
  • Easy to apply, single coat application
  • UV resistant, long life expectancy
  • Breathable, does not block pores
  • Alkali resistant, can be applied over fresh mortar joints
  • BBA certified & independently tested

SurfaPore C

Can be applied on cement-based materials, mortars and limestone surfaces

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly and non-hazardous
  • Improves thermal resistance
  • Increases freeze/thaw resistance
  • Allows substrate to breathe
  • Water based and non-toxic
  • Maximum water protection within 24 hours

Get a Free Sachet of Micro X5 Sanitiser with Your Next Order!

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Substrate Type

Product Name

Concrete and other cement based materials SurfaPore CStormdryAquapel
Natural stone SurfaPore CSurfaPore M
Limestone SurfaPore CMaxclear D
One Coat Renders Maxclear D
Brick Stormdry
Timber SurfaPore W, SURFASPRO Eco-F Woodtreat, Probor Wood Treatment
Clay based materials SurfaPore R

Important note: Even though all our water repellents are highly tested and offer an extensive life expectancy, it is crucial that the application is done correctly. A test sample area to determine the suitability and the porosity of the surface should always be completed prior to the full application of repellents.
The surface to be cleaned and fully dry prior to the application of the repellent. Please use an eco-friendly and non-damaging cleaning solution, like SURFASCLEAN Fungicidal Wash, to prepare the substrate.
At SURFASOLOGY, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise. It means that you will always receive a full technical support when purchasing our products. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01-8321005 or [email protected], if you have a damp-proofing problem. We review each of our enquiries with care and offer the best possible solution.

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