Concreseal 5

Concreseal 5 is a polymer-modified and cement-based single component mortar. It is specially designed for both superficial cosmetic repair and levelling of renders and concrete surfaces in very thin layers and feather edging, with a maximum thickness up to 5 mm.

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How does Concreseal 5 work: 

When Concreseal 5 is mixed with clean potable water it produces a levelling mortar that may be applied in very thin layers on render and surfaces.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Good adhesion on all cement-based surfaces. No primer or bonding agent is required
  • Final finish for the surface is like the original concrete
  • Good thixotropic behaviour. It can be used on vertical or horizontal substrates
  • It is odourless, non-toxic
  • It is water and weather resistant
  • Only requires water for mixing

Application Fields

  • Restoration and levelling of deteriorated surfaces in concrete and prefabricated elements: damages produced for de-moulding, breaks in the edges, small fissures, filling of honeycombs and small voids, gravel pockets, plasters, etc.
  • Restoration on masonry and bricks
  • As base for fixing of isolation boards over concrete, screeds and masonry
  • Protective coating on concrete and mortars against abrasion and mechanical damages

Specification Tip for Design Professionals:

Concreseal 5 may be specified by name or by using the following description: a polymer-modified and cement-based single component mortar designed for both superficial cosmetic repairs and levelling of renders and concrete surfaces in very thin layers.

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