Dublin Airport – Concrete Repair

Test areas of remedial works to the reinforced concrete on the Terminal 1 Spirals were completed by the SURFASOLOGY approved applicator using products from the Drizoro Construction Range. The works consisted of removing the damaged concrete, cleaning and protecting the reinforcement, making good the damaged areas using structural repair products, and coating the areas with… Continue reading Dublin Airport – Concrete Repair

Luas Cross City Line, Dublin

DualProof Waterproofing Membrane System was selected to waterproof the ground slab and walls of this below ground reinforced concrete structure. The roof of the structure was waterproofed using SilverSeal Waterproofing Membrane. The SilverSeal is compatible with the DualProof and the combined systems provide a Type A (Barrier) Protection to the complete structure. The structure is… Continue reading Luas Cross City Line, Dublin

Shannon Airport, Co. Clare

Quellmax Plus (bentonite based waterstop tape) was used to provide a watertight seal to the construction joints of this concrete bund. The new bund was constructed on topof an existing concrete slab and is used to contain aviation oil. Quellmax Plus was selected for use not only because it provides a watertight joint but because… Continue reading Shannon Airport, Co. Clare

Stuttgart 21, Germany

Stuttgart 21 is part of the 1,500 km long “Magistral for Europe” high-speed railway line that connects Paris, Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Ulm, Munich, Vienna and Bratislava. Stuttgart 21 project is a tunnel construction programme that involves heavy rail tracks relocation and improvement of railway service including journey time reduction. Stuttgart 21 is described as “the largest… Continue reading Stuttgart 21, Germany

Grangegorman Bus Park, Dublin

A new bus parking structure was constructed on the east side of the Grangegorman site to provide Dublin Bus with necessary parking space as part of preparation work for the development of the Luas Cross City Line. SURFASOLOGY worked closely with both the main contractor (Clancy Construction) and the design team (O’Connor Sutton Cronin) offering… Continue reading Grangegorman Bus Park, Dublin

Mary McAleese (Boyne) Bridge

The landmark structure consists of a 350m long, cable-stayed, high level bridge carrying the M1 Northern Motorway (Dublin-Belfast) across the River Boyne to the west of Drogheda. Boyne Cable Bridge is the largest bridge project in this country in recent decades. The bridge was awarded both the IEI Morgan Sheehy Medal and the ACEI President’s… Continue reading Mary McAleese (Boyne) Bridge

West Link Toll Bridge

The West-Link Toll Bridge was conceived and constructed as a convenience for the motorist and commercial road user, as an aid to economic activity in Dublin and beyond, and a profitable enterprise for National Toll Roads. It opened in 1990 as part of the Western Parkway, a stretch of motorway just over 12 kilometres long… Continue reading West Link Toll Bridge

Dublin Port Tunnel

Dublin Tunnel opened to traffic on december 20th, 2006. It is a twin bore tunnel of 4.5km in length with a height clearance of 4.65m. It is part of the M50 motorway and completes the northern part of the C-Ring around Dublin city. Planning for Dublin Tunnel started approximatel ten years prior to commencement of… Continue reading Dublin Port Tunnel

Jamie Smyth

Quantity Surveyor

Jamie brings our team a wealth of knowledge in project costs management, from the cost and risk analysis to the preparation and submissions of tenders and valuations.

Jamie has spent over ten years working as a Quantity Surveyor with a background in the construction industry (from residential build to pharma projects). He has been involved in all aspects of construction collaborating with small builders and large contractors on projects of varying sizes and scale. All this contributed to his thorough understanding of the requirements and priorities when performing his tasks of a Quantity Surveyor.

On a personal note, Jamie enjoys playing soccer and is a true golf fanatic. He enjoys travelling and fine dining.

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