Podium Deck Waterproofing, Waterford


The concrete podium deck of this project was waterproofed by trained applicators from William Neville & Sons using the Drizoro Waterproofing System.

SURFASOLOGY supplied the system products and the Product Installation Methods.

The Drizoro Waterproofing System consist of a range of fully approved products manufactured by Drizoro Construction Chemicals that are required to successfully complete the waterproofing and protection of concrete surfaces. These included products for repairing damages or cracks in concrete, formation of fillets at upstands, flexible and crystallisation waterproof coatings that are suitable for positive and negative water pressure.


Type of Job Podium Deck Waterproofing
Products Maxseal Super, Maxseal Flex, Maxrite 500, Mesh
Main Contractors William Neville & Sons
Location Waterford
Construction Completion 2019

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