Advanced Joint Sealing Systems

Advanced Joint Sealing Systems

Advanced Joint Sealing Systems

Water resistant concrete structures have gained increased importance in recent years. Construction of basements and below ground concrete structures has become more common and attractive. However, building below ground conceals several potential dangers, such as exposure to ground waters, changing water tables, possible soil movement, and changing environmental conditions.
Construction joints in the concrete through which water could ingress is one of the potential dangers. Therefore, due care and consideration should be taken in the design, planning, selection, and installation of the structural waterproofing system including the construction joints.
SURFASOLOGY has the technical expertise and the capability to provide you with a complete envelope of services: advising on and designing the most suitable joint sealing system that is compatible with the existing or planned waterproofing membrane selection, system installation or installation supervision and the provision of a warranty.

Coated Steel Plate Waterstop

Conventional type joint sealers (PVC Waterbars or Hydrophilic) for sealing non-movement joints in reinforced concrete involve a labour-intensive installation process. Also, due to the nature of the waterbar material, such waterstops are susceptible to displacement by the force of the poured concrete.

CEMflex VB Plate Waterstop has revolutionised the sealing of non-movement construction joints in reinforced concrete. CEMflex VB Plate Waterstop is the most advanced system available, it eliminates the need for manual bonding and welding, as it creates a watertight joint by chemical bonding to the concrete due to a patented crystallisation coating on the plate that is activated by the fresh concrete.

In contrast to the generic waterbars, the installation of CEMflex VB Plate Waterstop is simple, it may be installed before the concrete is placed or as the concrete is being placed. CEMflex VB Plate is strong in structure and performance, and yet it is easy to form it into intricate shapes, there is no requirement for preformed angle pieces as to function correctly the plates require a simple overlap of 100mm.
It is proven to save as much as 80% of application labour time as opposed to conventional waterbars.
In addition to the extremely time efficient installation, CEMflex VB Plate Waterstop is not activated by rain or site water during installation; thus, keeping your project on schedule.

Hydrophilic Waterstops                                    

Bentonite based waterstops swell in an uncontrolled form, whilst butyl rubber based waterstops increase in volume but in a controlled form.

Bentonite Based Waterstop

Our bentonite based waterstops are available in two versions Quellmax Blackstop and Quellmax Plus.

The difference between our two products is that Quellmax Plus has a patented protection coating that offers protection from rain for up to three days, whilst activating immediately when contacted by the alkaline in the fresh concrete.
Quellmax products more suitable to use with fresh reinforced concrete, because of their swelling ability allowing it to swell into cracks or cavities, producing a permanent water-tight seal.

Cemswell Waterstop (Hydrophillic Rubber)

CEMswell Waterstop is extruded rubber-based compound made from butyl rubber, hydrophilic resin, polyethylene, silicone and special admixtures used to seal joints in pre-fabricated concrete elements.

CEMswell Waterstop is stable during the swelling process increasing its volume but is not changing its structure or its form.  For this reason, we recommend using Cemswell for prefabricated concrete structures.

Injection Hose Systems

The Predimax System consists of a double-jacket PVC based injection hose and is classed as a high-grade injection hose system. It is installed in the construction joints of a reinforced concrete structure at the construction stage, allowing the joints to be injected with a resin or cements at a later stage if required. The patented system allows multiple resin/cement injections.
The Predimax System unique design prevents the fresh concrete paste from entering the system; whereas, the smooth surface of the hose prevents bonding between the hose and the concrete.
The Predimax System was successfully installed on the Royal College of Surgeons Site where it was used to facilitate continuity between the new and existing structure waterproofing.

The primary focus of SURFASOLOGY is on high efficacy structural waterproofing solutions designed to enable efficient installation and minimise the possibility of water ingress into structures.

Our products are all manufactured in ISO Quality System compliant facilities and meet the relevant local, national and European Standards.

We support these products with highly-qualified technical professionals who understand both on-site demands and the design detail. We work in collaborative way with our clients at all stages of the project to ensure that the correct design, preparation, and application are carried out to ensure a timely and successful outcome for all stakeholders.

To find out more, please contact us on 01-8321005 or [email protected].

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