Rain Protected Structural Waterproofing

Rain Protected Structural Waterproofing

Don’t let the weather dictate your project schedule!

SURFASOLOGY are proud to introduce a fully rain protected range of Structural Waterproofing products that are designed to significantly reduce application time and eliminate delays due to weather, ensuring that your project stays on schedule.

CEMflex VB Plate Waterstop

Active Steel Plate Waterstop

A revolutionary steel plate waterstop which replaces the traditional PVC waterbar. The patented CEMflex VB Plate Waterstop eliminates the need for bonding and welding whilst simultaneously creating a watertight joint thanks to crystallised chemical coating. CEMflex VB Plate is designed for use in all non-movement joints, both vertical and horizontal. Tested up to 7 bar water pressure.

  • Fully Weatherproof System – no premature activation of the coating on contact with rain water
  • In the event of water ingress through the concrete joint the patented coating will reactivate at any time throughout the lifetime of element
  • Quick and easy to install. No need for welding and requires only 3cm of concrete coverage
  • Studies show up to 80% installation labour saving over traditional waterstops
  • Approved for use with drinking water
  • Life expectancy of 100 years
  • BBA approved



Mechanically Bonded Waterproofing Membrane

A water and gas resistant PVC membrane with a unique Polypropylene Fibertex Fleece. The OVC outer layer is water and gas resistant while the PP Fibertex Fleece enables DualProof’s mechanical bond with the concrete, giving a unique waterproofing seal and preventing any lateral water migration behind the membrane structures to achieve basement Grades 1, 2 and 3 as per BS 8102:2009.

  • Creates permanent mechanical bond preventing tracking of water between the membrane and the concrete
  • Facilitates enhanced surface finish of the concrete
  • May be pre-applied or post-applied
  • Provides all grades of protection according to BS 8102:2009
  • Superior strength membrane
  • Resistant to ground gases
  • May be installed in all weather conditions


CEMtobent CS Plus

Bentonite Based Waterproofing Membrane

A bentonite membrane system designed for use in the below ground structural waterproofing of roof gardens, tunnels, foundations, underground car parks, basements, etc. Thanks to a sacrificial layer of bentonite the CEMtobent membrane is fully rain protected during installation. CEMtobent CS Plus is approved for use as a screen against gases such as radon and methane and is tested up to 5 bar water pressure.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Installation not dependent on weather due to the rain protection layer
  • Has self-healing properties
  • 50-year product guarantee


Quellmax Plus Waterstop

Rain Protected Bentonite Based Waterstop

A swellable bentonite waterstop tape with crystallisation additives and a unique patented rain protection coating.

  • The patented coating delays unwanted swelling from rain and site water for up to 72 hours
  • Easy and secure installation with fitting rail system
  • Swelling and shrinkage is infinitely reversible
  • Tested up to 7 bar water pressure


At SURFASOLOGY, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise. It means that you will always receive a full technical support when purchasing our products.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01-8321005 or [email protected], if you have a waterproofing or a damp-proofing problem.

We review each of our enquiries with care and offer the best possible solution.

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