The Project of the Year 2018

The Project of the Year 2018

SURFASOLOGY are delighted to have had an opportunity to work together with Glenveagh Homes this year and undertake a waterproofing and tanking project in Marina Village Greystones.

Exquisitely designed by O’Mahony Pike, Marina Village Greystones offer a stunning selection of apartments. Combining striking architecture with the beautiful surrounds of the Greystones coast, these apartments offer dwellers the opportunity to live overlooking the sea, adjacent to the beautiful village of Greystones.
Perfectly positioned alongside the marina, beaches and village centre, the development features approximately 358 architecturally designed A-rated homes.

The unique waterside location of this first-class apartment complex poses several challenges to the structural waterproofing aspect of the construction works, but nothing that SURFASOLOGY – Waterproofing Specialists – cannot overcome.

By working closely with DBFL Consulting Engineers, SURFASOLOGY provided a waterproofing system that meets the site requirements of the project and conforms to all the relevant construction standards and guidelines.

Basement Waterproofing

This project is situated on the sea-front, therefore it is very important that all products used for the waterproofing and protection of the below ground reinforced concrete are suitable for use with salt water.
The DualProof Membrane System which is suitable for use in salt water environments was selected to provide protection against groundwater, ground gases, and soil contaminants.
The DualProof Membrane System, with its unique ability to mechanically bond to the fresh concrete, was placed under the base-slab and on the exterior walls of the below ground reinforced concrete.

Detailing of Joints

CEMflex VB Plate Waterstop was used to detail the non-movement joints of the reinforced concrete. CEMflex VB Plate Waterstop with its special patented coating that is activated by the alkaline water within the fresh concrete supports the natural self-healing process of the concrete, in addition to this, the physical barrier provided by the plate ensures a permanent water-tight joint.
CEMflex VB Plate Waterstop is fully tested and approved for use in both salt and drinking water environments.

Detailing of Pipe Penetrations and Concrete Piles

Detailing of Pipe Penetrations and Concrete Piles were completed using Quellmax Plus Waterstop.
Quellmax Plus, is a bentonite based joint sealing tape with crystallisation properties, it has a rain-protection coating that prevents premature activation for up to 72 hours, the alkalinity of the fresh concrete dissolves the coating upon contact activating the Quellmax Plus.
Quellmax Plus has a swelling capacity of >300% and is suitable for use in salt water and drinking water applications.

Continuity of Waterproofing

An area that is often overlooked leading to issues in the future, is the area between the waterproofing termination point of the substructure and the weather-proofing of the superstructure.
In order to provide continuity at this critical point, Maxseal Flex, which is a two-component, flexible waterproof coating was applied to the reinforced concrete walls. In addition to its waterproofing properties Maxseal Flex offers protection against salt-water, ground gases and soil contaminants.  The product is brush or spray applied, is capable of bridging small cracks and it is suitable for both positive and negative water pressure.

At SURFASOLOGY, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise. It means that you will always receive a full technical support when purchasing our products.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01-8321005 or [email protected], if you have a waterproofing or a damp-proofing problem.

We review each of our enquiries with care and offer the best possible solution.

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On a personal note, Jamie enjoys playing soccer and is a true golf fanatic. He enjoys travelling and fine dining.

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