Waterproofing of Swimming Pools

Waterproofing of Swimming Pools

Swimming pools, a popular building element, require a high level of waterproofing standards and are being constructed under demanding technical specifications. Using suitable, high-performance, high quality, and approved waterproofing and protection systems ensure longer service life of these structures.

The Drizoro waterproofing systems, supplied and installed by SURFASOLOGY, satisfy the highest requirements for durability and reliability of swimming pools. Suitable for use with both positive and negative water pressure, the Drizoro systems provide a water retaining structure, protect the concrete, and provide a suitable surface for applying the finishing/decorative coatings.

The Drizoro Waterproofing System is a monolithic waterproof barrier that provides a Type A (Barrier Protection) for reinforced concrete structures in accordance with BS8102:2009.

SURFASOLOGY have successfully completed several swimming pool waterproofing projects, both outdoor and indoor. The highlight of today’s newsletter is the Crumlin Swimming Pool project – our most recent waterproofing undertaking.

Crumlin Swimming Pool Waterproofing Project

SURFASOLOGY were proud to work with J & F Facility Services (the main contractor) on the refurbishment of this well-known Dublin City Council Swimming Pool.

Our technical proposal for this project included the installation of the Drizoro System to the floor and walls of the main pool, the filtration tank and the balancing tank, the re-profiling of the movement joint, repair to damaged concrete and the completion of remedial works to the plant room.


The SURFASOLOGY scope of works included concrete repairs to the substrate using such repair mortars as Maxrite 500 (polymer-modified, fibre reinforced structural repair mortar with corrosion inhibitors) and Concreseal 5 (polymer-modified repair mortar used for the repair and protection of renders and concrete surfaces against abrasion and mechanical damages).

Re-profiling of the movement joint was completed using Maxrite 500, Maxcel (backing rod), Primer 900, Maxflex 900 (a two-component polysulphide-based elastomeric joint sealant for permanent immersion applications) and Maxflex XJS (elastic sealing system for expansion joints).

Finally, Maxseal Flex waterproofing coating was applied to the floor and walls of the main pool area, the walkways, the filtration and the balancing tanks. Maxseal Flex is a two-component, flexible waterproof coating, suitable for use against positive and negative hydrostatic water-pressure. It is specifically formulated for the waterproofing and protection of water retaining structures, such as drinking water tanks, reservoirs and swimming pools.


SURFASOLOGY’s task for the remedial works in the plant room comprised of reinstatement of the floor area of the plant room including a recess splash area for the emergency shower.

The works consisted of the formation of plinths under the plant/equipment using Velosit NG512 grout, construction of bunds, repairs to cracks and damages in the concrete using Maxrite 500 and Concreseal 5, replacing the floor screed using Velosit SL502 (a hard wearing, rapid setting, flowable, polymer modified, cementitious screed) and the formation of a splash area and drain channel for the emergency shower area using Maxpatch repair mortar.

Duroglass P5/4 (a two-component coloured epoxy coating) was applied with an anti-slip finish to the floor areas. Decoration of the walls was completed using a proprietor wall paint.

What do our customers have to say…

We were appointed as the main contractor by Dublin City Council to refurbish their swimming pool complex at Windmill Road, Crumlin Dublin 12.

The contract included the swimming pool, plant room and changing rooms. There were many technical issues to be resolved as the refurbishment was a complex project. 

We sourced SURFASOLOGY through a recommendation. Kevin and Aidan arrived on site to assess our requirements and within hours Michael and Joss attended a meeting to recommend solutions on several issues that needed high level expertise. 

Kevin and Aidan along with Kenneth are a credit to SURFASOLOGY with their work ethic and most co-operative manner. Michael was at the end of the phone at all times and both Joss and Michael visited the site throughout the project.

We are delighted that we selected SURFASOLOGY and would highly recommend both their products and staff. We look forward to working together on future contracts as their level of service was exceptional.”

J&F Facility Services Ltd.

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At SURFASOLOGY, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise. It means that you will always receive a full technical support when purchasing our products.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01-8321005 or [email protected], if you have a structural waterproofing or damp-proofing problem.

We review each of our enquiries with care and offer the best possible solution.

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