Concrete Repair: Waterproof & Protective Coatings

SURFASOLOGY Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair: Waterproof & Protective Coatings

Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Potable and wastewater treatment facilities play a pivotal role in maintaining public health, environmental sustainability, and overall societal well-being. These facilities stand as guardians of public health and ecological balance, reflecting the responsible management of our shared water resources. Regular upkeep and timely repairs are imperative to prevent system failures that could lead to contamination of water sources or disruption of essential services.

For over 45 years, we have consistently provided high quality & reliable concrete repair solutions driven by our specification and technical support services.

The benefits of the SURFASOLOGY System for maintaining and enhancing Potable and Wastewater Treatment Plants

SURFASOLOGY approach to Concrete Repair and Waterproofing stands as a practical, economical, and sustainable method to lengthen the lifespan of concrete structures. The capacity to address underlying issues, improve structural resilience, and mitigate potential hazards makes the SURFASOLOGY systems an indispensable tool in the realm of infrastructure maintenance and management.

Reduced Plant Downtime

  • Enhanced operational continuity
  • Uninterrupted access to clean water and efficient waste processing
  • Minimised downtime
  • Optimised maintenance schedules
  • Heightened equipment longevity
  • Reduced operational costs

Increased Return on Investment

  • Extended lifespan of concrete structures
  • Enhanced longevity of the structure
  • Minimised necessity of costly replacement

Safety & Sustainability

  • Timely and effective concrete repairs ensure the safety of employees and users
  • Reduction of waste generated by premature demolition and reconstruction
  • Application of eco-friendly repair materials manufactured using energy-efficient production methods

SURFASOLOGY provide a skilled and fully trained team of installation professionals to ensure that the products are applied with strict adherence to manufacturer’s guidelines.

Experience Quality & Peace of Mind with SURFASOLOGY

SURFASOLOGY is renowned for its exceptional quality of materials, technical support, and application services, delivering reliability and excellence on each undertaken project.

  • Durable and innovative materials that surpass industry standards
  • Expert technical support offering valuable insights and solutions
  • Impeccable application services that translate project vision into reality

Concrete Repair Applications

Cementitious Concrete Repair

SURFASOLOGY’s access to revolutionary cement binder chemistry enables our application teams to deliver robust and resistant concrete repair and waterproofing solutions in shorter time frames than traditional materials through accelerated and curing characteristics, thus reducing downtime and increasing asset utilisation for our clients.

Resin Based Concrete Repair

SURFASOLOGY’s Resin-based concrete repair systems offer unparalleled advantages in infrastructure maintenance. Their exceptional bonding properties ensure durable repairs, resisting harsh weather and chemical exposure. Fast curing times accelerate project timelines, reducing downtime. Moreover, these systems provide flexibility, adapting to various substrates, enhancing structural integrity and prolonging the lifespan of concrete structures.

Waterproof Coatings

The SURFASOLOGYrange of Waterproof coatings for concrete offer invaluable advantages by enhancing durability and longevity. These coatings create a barrier against moisture, preventing water ingress and protecting the structure from corrosion, degradation and carbonation. Additionally, they guard against harsh weather conditions, ensuring the concrete maintains its structural integrity over time.

Protective and Chemically Resistant Coatings

Protective and chemically resistant coatings for concrete offer a shield against corrosive substances, extending the lifespan of structures. These coatings prevent deterioration caused by chemicals, harsh weather, and abrasion, reducing maintenance costs. Additionally, they enhance aesthetics and contribute to environmental sustainability by minimising the need for frequent repairs and replacements.

Resin Injection & Sealing

SURFASOLOGY offer crack injection service as a specialised leak sealing and concrete repair method. Over time, structures may develop cracks, voids, or delamination due to various factors like age, weathering, or foundation settlement. Resin injection is used to repair cracks in concrete slabs, beams, and walls to prevent further cracking and restore the structural integrity of the concrete elements.

SECURESEAL Quality Assurance Program

  • Design Assistance
  • Installation Guidance and Support
  • Site Inspection – periodic oversight and inspection of application and sign off on installation
  • Performance Warranty
  • Ancillary Certification Sign-Off to satisfy the requirements of the Building Control

Project Reference

Windmill Hill Water Reservoir

Client: Irish Water

Main Contractor: Shareridge Limited

Date of Completion: May 2024

Scope of Works: Waterproofing & protection of the exterior of reinforced concrete roof using flexible cementitious waterproof coating.

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