The Next Generation of Waterproofing Membranes

The Next Generation of Waterproofing Membranes

Dualproof, the fresh concrete bonding membrane which is fast becoming the membrane of choice across Central Europe for waterproofing below ground concrete structures.

DualProof Overview

Dualproof is a water and gas resistant PVC membrane with a unique Polypropylene Fibertex Fleece. The PVC outer layer is water and gas resistant while the PP FIbertex Fleece enables Dualproof’s mechanical bond with the concrete thus giving a unique waterproofing seal and preventing any lateral water migration behind the membrane.
DualProof Mechanically Bonded Waterproofing Membrane
Dualproof is easy to install saving time, labour and money. The membrane is designed with an overlap for bonding making it easy to join and seal the membrane using either cold (adhesive) or hot welding methods. Dualproof’s flexibility enables it to overbridge cracks in the concrete and can be applied independent of weather conditions with a working temperature range of -5⁰ to 45⁰ Celsius. The membrane also protects the concrete from sulphates in the soil and is suitable for use in salt or brackish water areas.

DualProof Accreditations

BS 8102:2009
Dualproof has been successfully independently tested to meet EN 13967, DIN 18195 T6, and the DIN 20000-202 application standard for flexible sheet waterproofing for below ground construction. Dualproof fulfils the requirements of BS 8102:2009 Type A Waterproofing Protection and SIA 272 (Switzerland). Dualproof is also certified as Radon Gas resistant and meets the requirement of BRE Report 211 & 212 with regard to resistant against other ground gases such as Methane and CO₂.

DualProof Application

Dualproof is suitable for beneath floor slabs, both single and double sided formwork for concrete walls, lift pits, and can be detailed to seal pile caps, pipe penetrations, expansion and construction joints.
The Dualproof membrane family consists of two distinct products each with two available thicknesses;
Dualproof T is primarily for pre-application on both floor slab and walls and is available in 1.2mm and 2.0mm PVC thickness.
Dualproof S is a revolutionary material concept which has a special polymer mix, including super absorber, impregnated in the PP Fibertex fleece which provides another level of waterproofing protection through its self-healing properties and is specially designed for post application on vertical surfaces. Dualproof S is available in 1.2mm and 2.0mm PVC thickness.
mechanically bonded concrete sealing membrane Mechnaically Bonded Waterproofing Membrane

For more information on Dualproof or any of our other innovative waterproofing solutions please do not hesitate to contact us. You can visit our website, email [email protected] or telephone us on +353 1 8321 005 (Ire) or +44 28 9424 0976 (UK).

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