Smart & Sustainable Surface Solutions

sustainable surface solutions

Smart & Sustainable Surface Solutions

Celebrating 45 years in business in Ireland, SURFASOLOGY, formerly IBC Limited, has made the move from general building chemicals to ‘Smart & Sustainable Surface Solutions’

Working with cutting edge technologies from innovative European manufacturing partners, SURFASOLOGY looks to provide innovative sustainable solutions to everyday problems. Their core competences have been in the fields of Structural Waterproofing and Damp-proofing and they have recently partnered with innovative Greek intelligent coatings experts Nanophos.
The Nanophos coatings are not just conventional, they are functional state-of-the-art coatings, which offer the incredible benefits of nanotechnology to the Irish market. Unlike traditional film forming coatings, nanotechnology enables the Nanophos coatings to penetrate the pores of the substrate to provide water repellence, heat reflection, and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. They are abrasion and UV-resistant, providing long-lasting durability which allows the substrates to remain breathable. This eliminates many potential issues caused by trapped water vapour.
SURFASOLOGY’s highly qualified, experienced team provide the best in technical support, to include problem diagnosis, product selection advice, and installation guidance. Innovation is an important strand of the business, but more importantly, they find products, solutions and techniques that deliver long lasting success for all their customers.
Product quality and efficacy are the cornerstones to their success. All SURFASOLOGY’s recommended products are manufactured in ISO accredited production facilities and carry CE Certification and other independent certifications.

Reducing your energy consumption and those dreaded heating bills

SURFASOLOGY says that most new properties in Ireland have been built to a high-energy rating, but older housing stock does not rank very well on the BER (Building Energy Rating) scale. To begin the journey to a higher BER rating, you should start with the exterior, making sure that there are no obvious draughts or leaks, and that the ventilation points are operational. Check cracks in masonry and around windows for obvious problems and if you have a brick façade ensure that the pointing mortar is intact. Choosing the correct surface treatment depends on the façade, but it is important that your property is weatherproof, but not completely sealed to ensure it can breathe.
SurfaPore Thermodry
Wet walls are a major contributor to fungal growth, but they also provide a Thermal Bridge, (a passage for warm air to travel through the walls from inside to out). This increases the amount of energy used to heat your home, thus creating higher heating bills for the occupant. Many homeowners choose to install external, or cavity-filled insulation, or even dry lining, but sometimes these options do not make practical or financial sense. Application of a protective surface masonry treatments or thermally insulating paint can provide up to 30pc in energy savings, as well as improving the quality of the home environment.
It is recommended that kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms where there can be high humidity, should be painted with anti-condensation coatings. The use of thermally insulating paints internally can provide further health and financial benefits for the inhabitants.

Improving air quality and eliminating bacteria growth indoors

The application of Photo-catalytic coatings, coatings provide self-cleaning and self-sanitising surfaces within your home as they use UV light from natural or artificial sources to break down bacteria, viruses, and mould. Walls, ceilings, countertops, windows, and masonry can all be treated, giving your home a higher air purity and dramatically reducing the potential for the spread of airborne contact viruses, including SARS CoV 2.
Photo-catalytic coating SURFASOLOGY

Sustainable solutions for your pocket, your health, and the environment

With the sustainability of personal health, the living environment, and individual financial well-being at the core of Nanophos’ product development strategy,  innovative nanotechnology has been applied to the Nanophos range  of products to achieve functionality never before seen with water-based products. The product chemistry promotes high-efficacy from the active ingredients to provide long-lasting, durable solutions which are environmentally sustainable, have added health benefits, and deliver good value for money.

SURFASOLOGY is Ireland’s leading domestic and commercial waterproofing and damp proofing specialist.  Through our expertise we  equip and empower our customers with world-class, sustainable, innovative and effective solutions.  Our technical consultancy team have unrivalled experience in major construction projects, as well as solving everyday problems for homeowners, with long term trustworthy solutions.  Get in touch today!

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Jamie Smyth

Quantity Surveyor

Jamie brings our team a wealth of knowledge in project costs management, from the cost and risk analysis to the preparation and submissions of tenders and valuations.

Jamie has spent over ten years working as a Quantity Surveyor with a background in the construction industry (from residential build to pharma projects). He has been involved in all aspects of construction collaborating with small builders and large contractors on projects of varying sizes and scale. All this contributed to his thorough understanding of the requirements and priorities when performing his tasks of a Quantity Surveyor.

On a personal note, Jamie enjoys playing soccer and is a true golf fanatic. He enjoys travelling and fine dining.

Dear Customers,

High performance Resin Flooring Solutions by Sherwin Williams are now available from SURFASOLOGY.

We offer seamless, resinous flooring systems that combine durability and design aesthetics. The product line covers a multitude of industries and areas of application, such as industrial & manufacturing, pharmaceutical & healthcare, food & beverage.

Are you currently working on a flooring project and looking for a solution? For advice and guidance, please contact us on 01 832 1005 or [email protected].