CEMtobent CS Plus

CEMtobent CS Plus is a sodium-bentonite based waterproofing membrane, which is radon and root resistant; it is specially designed for use on vertical and horizontal applications on below ground reinforced concrete structures.

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CEMtobent CS Plus consists of a high quality woven clay liner, a transparent polyethylene honeycomb liner where the sodium bentonite powder is held, a rain protection fleece and a strong black polyethylene coated high quality woven clay liner, which are mechanically stitched together to form a strong composite.

CEMtobent CS Plus is used for waterproofing of all basement grades according to BS8102:2009.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Tough and resistant
  • Seals small cracks in the concrete
  • Demonstrates self-healing properties
  • Higher puncture and tear resistance compared to conventional foils and coating
  • Quick and easy to install without complicated welding equipment
  • High compound shear strength
  • The reinforcement fibre structure and thermally bonded cover layer form a tight composite
  • Can be installed in every season independently of temperature and weather conditions
  • Quality control tests to ensure consistent high quality
  • May be installed pre or post-form

Specification Tip for Design Professionals:

CEMtobent CS Plus may be specified by name or by using the following description: a propriety waterproofing membrane, which is radon tight and root resistant, consisting of a high quality woven clay liner, a transparent 3D composite liner with a unique cell structure, which encapsulates the sodium bentonite powder and a strong black polyethylene coated high quality woven clay liner, which are mechanically stitched together to form a strong composite.

Test Results:

  • Radon Test Report E-81/08
  • German Standards DIN EN 965, 964-1, DIN 18121, DIN 18132
  • Independent Test on Product’s Performance – Brendebach Ingenieure GmbH (Structural Engineers)
  • CE Marking DIN EN 13491

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