Maxrite 500

Maxrite 500 is a quick-setting, polymer-modified, fibre reinforced repair mortar with corrosion inhibitors. It is specially designed for high performance structural repairs.

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How does Maxrite 500 work:

A chemical reaction occurs when Maxrite 500 is mixed with clean potable water which produces a structural repair mortar, which has high flexural and compressive strength.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Fast setting material
  • High mechanical strenth and wear resistance
  • Can be placed in layers of between 5- 50mm
  • May be placed to falls
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete

Application Fields

  • Structural repairs to concrete affected by corrosion of reinforcement
  • Structural repairs in marine environments
  • Repairs to pre-fabricated concrete
  • Repairs to concrete affected by repeated loads
  • Repairs to concrete damaged by de-icing salts, freeze thaw or mechanical impacts

Specification Tip for Design Professionals:

Maxrite 500 may be specified by name or by using the following description: a propriety quick-setting, polymer modified, fibre-reinforced structural repair mortar with corrosion inhibitors.

Test Results:

  • Maxrite 500 meets Class R4 according to European Standard EN 1504-3.

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