Protect Your Investment – Anti Carbonation Coatings

Protect Your Investment – Anti Carbonation Coatings

One of the most common form of buildings and infrastructure deterioration is carbonation of reinforced concrete. Carbonation is a natural process that occurs between the calcium hydroxide in the cement paste of the concrete and carbon dioxide from the environment.

The normal pH of fresh concrete is approximately 12 or 13, this provides a passive protection layer to the reinforcement steel.

The carbonation process produces a calcium carbonate, this lowers the pH of the concrete to approximately 9. At this lower value the protection layer surrounding the steel-reinforcement breaks down and corrosion of the steel reinforcement is a danger.  

Where there are cracks in reinforced concrete that is exposed to the weather, there is a major risk of carbonation and this may result in structural failure.

As carbonation compromises structural integrity, it is critical that anti-carbonation coating is specified for both new and existing structures.

Anti-carbonation coatings supplied and installed by SURFASOLOGY improve visual / aesthetic aspect of the structure and eliminate or reduce costly and disruptive repair works throughout structure’s lifespan. Therefore, the use of high-quality anti-carbonation coatings becomes an excellent investment.

SURFASOLOGY High Performance Anti-Carbonation Coatings provide ultimate protection against the ingress of carbon dioxide

Maxsheen Elastic

Elastic acrylic coating for anti-carbonation protection, waterproofing and decoration of concrete and masonry

  • Offers excellent protection against carbonation of concrete (due to high resistance to CO2 penetration
  • Allows the substrate to breathe, as it does not form a vapour barrier
  • Provides very good crack-bridging capabilities
  • Offers excellent adhesion to concrete, render, brick, stone, wood, gypsum plaster, etc.
  • Resistant to stains and dirt, easy to clean
  • Long-lasting – UV ray stable and colour stable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available in 16 different colours and 2 textures

Maxseal Flex

Flexible cementitious waterproof coating for concrete and masonry

  • Fully flexible waterproof coating
  • Approved for use with drinking water
  • Suitable for both positive and negative water pressure applications
  • Covers shrinkage and hairline cracks of the concrete
  • Withstands atmospheric pollution
  • Prevents carbonation and electro-chemical corrosion – acts as CO2 and Cl barrier
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and chloride free
  • Excellent adhesion and easy to apply
  • Suitable for above and below ground applications

Maxrest Passive

Anti-corrosion protective coating for steel reinforcement

  • Excellent adhesion to metal substrates
  • Quick drying – suitable for fast repair jobs
  • Ready to use and easy to apply: one component product that can be applied by brush, roller or spray equipment
  • Environmentally friendly: water based, solvent free, non-flammable

Project Reference:

SURFASOLOGY recommend specifying and installing an anti-carbonation system as part of structure’s maintenance strategy. To find out more about the system that suits your specific needs, please contact us on 01-8321005 or [email protected].

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