The Watertight Case for CEMflex VB Active Waterstop

The Watertight Case for CEMflex VB Active Waterstop

The Watertight Case for CEMflex VB Active Waterstop

The Active Waterstop that achieves reliable watertight sealing of non-movement joints in reinforced concrete

The Problem

Water-resistant concrete structures have gained increasing importance in recent years. However, given that the joints in these constructions have often proven the Achilles heel, the associated sealing solutions warrant particular attention on the part of designers, specifiers and contractors alike. Sadly, all too frequently errors in both detailing and workmanship – due to a lack of familiarity with the various joint sealing systems, their underlying principles and practical application – can all too easily result in costly leakages and damage.

Traditional Joint Sealing Systems

BS 8102:2009 Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground classifies joint sealing systems (or waterstops) into three distinct categories: passive, active (to include hydrophillic Strips and crystallisation slurries) or permeable hose systems.
Although all of the aforementioned types of waterstops have proven effective, they are known to have a number of disadvantages: premature swelling, limited swelling capacity or cycles. Many are also inflexible, difficult, and slow to install.

CEMflex Active Waterstop – The Ultimate Solution

300dpiBlech2 CEMflex1
The introduction of the patented CEMflex Active Waterstop has revolutionised the sealing of non-movement joints in concrete substructures. The CEMflex Active Waterstop functions as both an active and passive barrier to the transmission of water through the joint. The steel plate creates a physical barrier whilst the active coating reacts with the alkalinity of the concrete to form Calcium Hydroxide (Free Lime) which supports the natural self-healing (sintering) process of the concrete to seal cracks and eliminate any water ingress. Unlike conventional crystallisation waterproofing the CEMflex Active process is a form of crystallisation that does not create any salts which could have an adverse effect on the reinforcing steel which supports the concrete structure.
Kristallwachstum_amBlech CEMflexVB2

The CEMflex Active Waterstop System is fast, effective and easy to use

CEMflex Active Waterstop can be installed in one of two simple methods: either by fixing to the steel reinforcement pre-pour or by pushing the plate, a minimum of 30mm, into freshly poured concrete. CEMflex Active Waterstop can be installed both horizontally and vertically and is easily connected to PVC Waterstops in movement joints to form a continuous watertight joint system.
Trysil 011 Trysil 053
The elements are strong yet malleable so angles/corners can be formed by hand without damage to the patented CEMflex coating. To connect elements simply overlap the plates by 50mm and secure with a CEMflex Clip. Once the element is encased in the concrete the special patented CEMflex coating is activated by the alkalinity of the concrete thus starting the Active process of formation of “free lime” and this supports the sintering of the two elements together to form a monolithic waterstop.

CEMflex Active Waterstop sets the standards

  • BBA Certified to 5 bar water pressure (with a safety factor of 2.5)
  • MPA Approved
  • Vattenfall Approved to 8 bar water pressure
  • Drinking Water Approved
  • Animal Urine and Manure Approved
  • Fuel Oil Resistance Approved
  • Approved for minimum 80 year service life by the German Railway Authority.

bba-british-board-of-agrement-tech-constructionMPA Braunschweig

CEMflex Active Waterstop has many advantages over conventional waterstops

  • Fully Weatherproof System- no premature activation of the coating on contact with rainwater.
  • Studies show up to 80% installation labour saving over traditional waterstops
  • Life expectancy of 100 years
  • In the event of water ingress the patented coating will reactivate at any time throughout the lifetime of element
  • Can be installed both pre and post pour
  • No collapse or displacement of the waterstop when subjected to concrete poured from above
  • No special installation tools required
  • No welding required
  • Simple design dramatically reduces the potential for poor installation or future expensive remedial works
  • No sticky adhesive tapes to remove or dispose of
  • Can be used in conjunction with other waterstop systems: PVC Waterstops for movement joints injectable hose systems or hydrophilic waterstops

VB Plate Box CEMflex F&RBau1

Getting it right first time, every time

CEMflex Active Waterstop has been designed to provide the highest level of efficacy of any joint waterstop available whilst also being the simplest to fit.
The effectiveness of the CEMflex Active Waterstop has been tested successfully under more severe conditions than any other waterstop on the market providing you with the reassurance that you need.
When you decide to install CEMflex be confident that you are choosing the best joint waterproofing solution available.

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